360 Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours cover your entire facility inside and out.  Easy to use by the customer and invaluable as a sales tool by your admissions team, our tours will increase your facility census.

Video Testimonials

Our success stories are professionally shot and edited and deliver real life experiences to the viewer.

Lifestyle Photography

Professional lifestyle photography will show the personal side of your staff, residents and facility.

The Importance of Visual Content


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true!  Photographs and video garner more attention, and retention,  than graphics and text.  H3 Photography has worked closely with the Healthcare Industry, and specifically with the Senior Living segment, by providing attention-grabbing visual content to websites and marketing materials.


Through the use of our immersive, interactive virtual tours,  web visitors can move through a space and become familiar with accommodations, amenities and services.  So social workers, caregivers and admissions personnel can access the tours on their mobile devices or tablets right alongside perspective residents.  And allowing them to highlight features and explore the facility through the use of information tags placed within the tour.  Using virtual tours allows the decision making process to be a personal, comfortable and informative one right from the beginning.


Our video testimonials capture the real-life stories and reviews from people that have firsthand experience with your business.  Word-of-mouth referral is one of the greatest (and least expensive) marketing tools and our professional lighting, sound and video equipment will create genuine and authentic testimonies to be used on your website or Youtube channel.


Today’s website galleries seem to be filled with staged, artificial looking photos of professional models in professional studios.  H3 Photography offers lifestyle photography of real life.  We will enhance  the best features of your facility and bring out the natural charm and beauty of your people – residents, staff members, activities… The real charm, character and caring of your building is what your prospective clients want to see in gallery photos.

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