Video testimonials add another layer of showcasing your business, and short clips integrated into tours portray real life interactions with your space.

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Video Testimonial Frequently Asked Questions

What types of video do you produce?

We shoot a variety of video testimonials, or success stories as we like to call them.  Professionally shot and edited, they add a personal touch to any website.

I don't have Internet access. Can I still play my virtual tour?

Both Basic and Custom tours can be downloaded to be played offline with a stand alone viewer.  We can also convert your tour into easy to use MP4 format to play on mobile devices.

How long does it take to receive the finished video?

Depending on the number of videos we shoot for a customer we can usually turn around the finished product in less than a week.

How much do testimonials cost to shoot and produce?

Prices vary but a basic 90 sec. to 2 minute video will start around $600.

Can I view my video on mobile devises?

Yes the videos can play on mobile devices.  We format in MP4 format or whatever you need and they are optimized for the Internet.



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