How Virtual Tours Are Disrupting 4 Competitive Industries

How Virtual Tours Are Disrupting 4 Competitive Industries

What’s the status of professional digital imagery in your industry? Is it seen as a necessity yet, or is it just beginning to affect your business and your competitors? Here’s how professional digital imagery—namely, virtual tours—are changing four of the most competitive industries in North America.

Healthcare Virtual Tours

Virtual reality and its related technologies are useful for far more applications than most people think! Visual digital solutions have long been a part of the healthcare and medical industries, but now, the applications are more varied and more useful than ever before. But here at H3 Photography, we focus on marketing. Marketing is an essential part of today’s healthcare landscape, and healthcare virtual tours are one of the best ways to show patients what your facility has to offer.

Patients, or potential patients, can see your assisted living facility, clinic, or hospital before ever setting foot in it. They can see the welcoming atmosphere and air of professionality that you’ve created at your facility, and they can see it interactively in 360 degrees! Our healthcare virtual tours come with high-quality photography and video that showcases the best features of your facility, both inside and out.

View some of our Basic 360 Virtual Tours of the following healthcare facilities, senior living centers, and hospitals: SierraRidge Health & Wellness Suites, ManorCare, and Heartland at ProMedica. As you can see, we used high-quality visual imaging to take beautiful photographs and video of the building’s exterior, waiting rooms, nurses’ stations, dining areas, therapy equipment, patient rooms, and more. When displayed on the facilities’ websites, these virtual tours enable healthcare facilities to attract and retain patients/residents, impress donors, share their state-of-the-art spaces and amenities, and stand out from the competition.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

eal estate is one of the biggest industries where virtual tours and digital imaging are being used. In addition to high-quality photography and video, other technologies, like Matterport 3D Tours, are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial and residential real estate business. When real estate agents add these 360-degree virtual tours to their listings, they can invite prospective buyers into the home as if they’re at their own open house or showing!

We use Matterport Pro 3D cameras to create stunning, interactive tours that immerse potential buyers in the property. See examples of our Matterport tours here: view this incredible Charleston single-family stunner and this lovely townhouse at the Clemson Lofts. You can see how easy it is to navigate and get a feel for the size, shape, and floor plan of these homes with Matterport! It’s a huge step up from the photography of days gone by, and it has a huge potential to get a buyer interested in a house before they ever schedule a showing.
Aerial photography is also a big deal in real estate these days, and we offer a unique perspective with our real estate drone images. Drone images aren’t just for residential real estate; they’re great for all kinds of commercial purposes, too!

Hospitality Virtual Tours

With the rise of short-term rentals (and the steady popularity of hotels and resorts, too!) hospitality virtual tours are always in demand. If you’re in the hospitality industry and haven’t yet taken the leap towards creating virtual tours of your properties, chances are, your competitors are already one step ahead of you.

Anyone searching for a place to stay on vacation will look at pictures and videos, relying heavily on them to make their decision. Vacationers want to get a feel of the space and be confident that they’re making the right choice. With a virtual tour, they can see the style and appearance of the space, its amenities, its relative size, and more. If they don’t see very many pictures, they won’t feel confident about your property and might choose to stay with a competitor.

So, show off the best features of your properties and attract more guests with interactive virtual tours! For a smaller short-term rental unit, we’d suggest a basic virtual tour. For larger spaces, we can customize a one-of-a-kind, immersive virtual tour with your logo and branding to make sure it suits your business’s needs. We even offer integrated maps, video, and more—great for your resort or hotel.
Other hospitality businesses like breweries and restaurants are also adding virtual tours to their websites, especially when they’re marketing to tourists. Stay one step ahead of the competition by booking a virtual tour with H3 Photography today!

Campus/Student Housing Virtual Tours

Is your university well-equipped to recruit students in the years to come? Nationwide, colleges and universities are under intense pressure from competing schools. To attract new students from across the country, it’s essential that you have stellar marketing materials that show off the campus and housing to prospective students. Virtual tours are an excellent form of digital marketing for universities, and they’re growing more popular across the board.

Virtual tours are useful to show both indoor and outdoor spaces across your campus. Classrooms, common areas and dining areas, libraries, convenience stores and cafes around campus, student housing, and outdoor spaces; all these areas have the potential to make an impact when they are beautifully photographed.

We’ve worked with several colleges and universities to help them put their best foot forward when it comes to student recruitment. Here are some examples of our virtual tours: the Wilson College Library, Penn State off-campus housing, and Shippensburg University campus housing. These virtual tours allow students to get a good feel for where they’ll be spending their next four years. It could even make or break their decision to attend your college or university! And, all of our tours are available on desktop and mobile, so prospective students and parents can view them wherever and whenever when you embed them in your website.

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