Sometimes simple is best.  Our basic tour is a template based product that can combine all the products in our portfolio but with limited customization.  Fast loading and compatible with all mobile devices.

Some of Our 360 Virtual Tours

Our Virtual Tour Process


After shooting over 500 virtual tours for clients, we have refined our process to minimize staff interruption while delivering the finished product with an extremely fast turnaround time.


We supply your team with our “best practices document” well in advance of the start date and communicate via phone to ensure everything is ready upon our arrival. We start with a quick  site walkthrough to review all spaces to be photographed (interior and exterior) and to offer suggestions regarding staging and flow.


Each area takes five to 10 minutes to photograph, and one of our team members continues on with your representative to optimally keep one step (area) ahead of the photographer.  Typical projects are completed in two to three hours, and your staff members are able to review the unfinished images prior to our team’s departure.


Our turn around time is generally two to three business days.  The finished tour viewer is branded with your company’s color scheme, contact information and logos.  After your approval, we offer personalized training for using the tour’s Client Admin Panel that includes basic editing, distribution options, and tour statistics.  


Each tour contains 20 to 30 images (still photos, panoramas and short video), depending on the size of the facility.  Clients have full access to the final edited media that is made available through the Client Admin Panel, and via a shared Dropbox folder on the Internet.


The final tour product is delivered in the form of a web URL link and also iFrame code, if you choose to embed the tour into your website.  We can also record the tour to MP4 format to include on your YouTube or other video channel.  Each tour comes with one year of free hosting, minor additions and modifications, and unlimited phone support.


Basic Tour Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a basic and custom virtual tour?

While all of our tours accept virtually all media types (still images, HD Video, narration, etc.) Our Basic Tours are template driven and are limited in the amount of customization we can provide to the viewer interface.

How many templates can I choose from and what can be customized?

There are quite a few templates with various looks and feels to choose from.  Most new ones are now HTML5 compliant as Flash is going away.  You can customize the colors of the viewer, add stock music and text to images, add narration as an option and more…

I don't have Internet access. Can I still play my virtual tour?

Both Basic and Custom tours can be downloaded to be played offline with a stand alone viewer.  We can also convert your tour into easy to use MP4 format to play on mobile devices.

How long does it take to receive our tour?

Every tour is different but in most cases our Basic Tours are completed and ready to review in two business days.  Custom tours, depending on options closed and complexity are usually complete in less than one week.

How much does a virtual tour cost?

Tour costs can vary depending on the options chosen, facility location and other factors.  Contact us for more information.

Can I view my tour on mobile devices?


Our tours are compatible across most mobile platforms and devices and are HTML5 compliant.



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