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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tours compatible with modern browsers and mobile devices?

Our tours are compatible with all browser types and platforms, whether it be desktop, mobile, tablet, and (coming soon) virtual reality headsets.

I don't have Internet access, can I still access or play my tour?

Our tours can be downloaded to be played offline at your convenience.

What equipment do you use to photograph and produce the tours?

We use a variety of Nikon cameras ranging from the D600 to the D7000. In addition, our 3D modeling is done using a special Matterport 3D scanner. We also use drones for our aerial services.

How long does it take to receive our tour?

Our delivery window for our tours is flexible. However, we try to return your tour to you within one week of the shoot. Extra services, such as video production and custom graphics may require some addition flexibility.

Can we add video to our tour?

Video can be added and embedded in your tours as an additional feature.

What is the difference between Matterport 3D tours and custom tours?

Our Matterport services use cutting edge 3D interior scans in order to display single scenes in the most immersive way possible. Our custom virtual tours are design to provide an all-inclusive showcase of your facilities.

How much does a virtual tour cost?

Every project is different in scope, travel and features required.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Do we have access to the media in the tour?

In addition to providing the completed tour, we also give you access to all of the photos, videos, and panoramas for whatever use your heart desires.

Are there any recurring costs associated with the tour?

Our Matterport and custom tours do require a relatively small annual hosting fee to keep your tours online.

Are travel costs included with the tour?

Travel costs are included in our featured tour packages as well as custom tours in our local area. However, we are flexible so it is best to give us a call for a free consultation.