Why h3?

When displayed on your website, an H3 Photography virtual tour can allow you to increase your census, impress donors, share your state-of-the-art spaces and amenities, and stand out among a competitive field. Future customers, patients or residents can easily tour your space before they even set foot in it, allowing them to explore their options even if they cannot visit the space in person.
Perhaps they are not local, or they are otherwise unable to schedule an in-person tour of your building or business. However, they still want to be confident in their choices and decision. They want to know that the facility is comfortable, welcoming, and able to provide the high level of care and service that they expect. They won’t feel comfortable in their decision unless they can see the space for themselves.


With a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, anyone can easily view your virtual tour from your website, becoming quickly familiar with amenities, accommodations, services, and the layout of your business. Virtual tours are immersive, interactive, and they showcase your building inside and out. They can be a crucial part of the decision-making process when people are deciding between you and your competition.

With virtual tours, your website visitor can see every angle of the space virtually. They can tour it at their own pace, become familiar with how it looks, and understand the services you offer. If it is a long-term care facility, a virtual tour reassures future patients that they’ll be living in comfort during their stay. If it is an outpatient facility, rehab center, or doctor’s office, a virtual tour helps patients get their bearings and see what to expect when they walk through the door. And they are often used by admissions personnel, caregivers, and social workers when patients are deciding what facility to patronize for an upcoming treatment or transition.

 See for yourself

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true! Photographs and videos garner more attention, and retention, than graphics and text. H3 Photography has worked closely with the healthcare industry, and specifically with the senior living segment, by providing attention-grabbing visual content for their websites and marketing materials.

Our team makes sure to cover every angle of a facility with a level of depth and devotion that completely takes the guesswork out of the equation for prospective clients and residents. With top-quality photography, videos, 3D Matterport scans and aerial, we’re able to present healthcare facilities and commercial properties in a manner that will leave the viewer who explores them virtually with a feeling that they’ve been there physically.

We encourage you to see the results of our hard work and devotion for yourself.

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