Who We Work With

H3 Photography began in 2009 with a specific focus on the real estate industry, but as all businesses must do, when we saw a chance to adapt and grow, we did. When a national healthcare provider took note of our product, we realized that an opportunity to expand awaited us, and we took it.

Today, H3 Photography proudly works with an extensive list of companies in various industries, including healthcare, college housing, hospitality, and commercial and residential real estate. The clients we work with know the value of engaging on-line photographs and videos and the results that these visual tools bring. And they know H3’s commitment to excellence in providing them with just these types of products. This is why we have worked with several different companies on dozens, and in some cases hundreds, of their sales and marketing projects.

At the same time, we’re always looking to continue to expand and add new companies to our list of clients. Between our matterport scans that provide complete, 360-degree tours of every room, aerial photographs, and videos from our FAA licensed (Part 107) commercial drone pilot, high-resolution photographs and videos, and other types of cutting-edge technology, we put together complete online tours that make buildings come to life and make individuals who view our virtual tours feel as though they’re actually there.

If your company, or a company that you work with, needs assistance in enhancing a building’s online presence, we’d love to work with you and help make that happen!

A truly national company

As a company that sets out to capture and present healthcare facilities, college campuses, and commercial properties to viewers everywhere, we can truly say that we’ve been around the block – or more accurately, around the country. From the east coast to the west coast and over 35 states to date, H3 Photography has produced hundreds of virtual tours, that have generated hundreds of thousands of page views.

Going the distance

We understand that it may not be realistic for prospective clients, residents, or patients to be able to travel a considerable distance in order to physically see a property for any of a number of completely legitimate reasons. That’s why we make the time and effort to travel ourselves so that we can put together a virtual tour for the world to see- a tour that makes all who view it believe as though they really did physically travel to the facility, and walk its halls and perimeters themselves.

If your business would like to join our ever-growing list of national clients, reach out to us today to learn more about how we can make your building come alive!