Real Estate Marketing & Virtual Tours: Benefits & Tips for Success

Real Estate Marketing & Virtual Tours: Benefits & Tips for Success

Why You Need Virtual Tours in Your Real Estate Marketing

Virtual tours are becoming more popular in real estate marketing. It used to be more of a niche technology reserved for large, high-dollar commercial or residential listings, but now, thousands of smaller brokerages are hopping on board with the technology. Some would even go far enough as to say that you can’t run a successful real estate business without virtual tours!

While they might not be ideal for every single property you list to sell, it’s still a good idea to have virtual tour options as a part of your marketing packages. Here are some of the benefits of real estate marketing virtual tours.

Benefits of Virtual Tours

They Can Help You Optimize Your Website—When you have engaging virtual tours on your real estate website, you might notice a stronger web presence. There are a couple of different reasons for this. First, virtual tours can extend the duration of each website user’s visit as they spend time navigating through the virtual tours you have available.

It can also attract more people to your website as they hear about the cool new 360 Virtual Tours you’re offering. As more visitors come to your site and spend time on it, it ranks higher in search engines, and you increase the chance of people finding your website. That’s great for your real estate business!

They Can Reduce the Need for Open Houses—Open houses are relatively time-consuming, stressful events. They exclude many potential buyers because of scheduling conflicts or location differences, and they take a fair amount of time and energy for you to set up. But if you have a virtual tour on your website, it’s open to the public 24/7. People can independently (virtually) tour the home without the need for a real estate agent.

Dozens of potential buyers can look through the house at their own leisure and decide whether or not they’re truly interested before setting up a showing. This helps ensure higher profitability on your end, and it can save time and energy for the property owner as well.

They Can Help People Fall in Love Before They Set Foot in the Home—Buying a property is an emotions game, especially in residential real estate. A beautiful home can capture the attention and hearts of potential buyers before they even see it in person, but you have to have excellent photography for that to happen.

A virtual tour is even better than still photography because it’s engaging and helps a person visualize themselves in the home. As a potential buyer explores the virtual tour, they can start to feel a sense of ownership, making them more likely to buy.

They’re Great for Remotely-Located Buyers—When you’re selling high-dollar properties—whether residential or commercial—your potential buyers might be spread across the globe rather than living locally. With a virtual tour, they can get an excellent idea of the property and everything it entails, from its appearance to the layout.

Anyone can access a virtual tour anytime, so time zones and business hours simply aren’t a factor. And, with a larger pool of potential buyers, it’s more likely that you’ll get an offer in a reasonable amount of time.

Tips for a Great Real Estate Tour

Highlight the Best Features of the Property—Think about the most unique and stunning features of the property you are selling. What will attract a buyer’s attention? These features can be indoor or outdoor. They can be aesthetically pleasing views or they can showcase something functional about the home. Be sure to tell the photographer what you want them to focus on, and they can make sure it shows up well in the virtual tour.

Capture Footage During Daylight & Evening Hours—As a rule, your virtual tour should be well-lit. Not only should the virtual tour be conducted during the daytime, but you should brighten up any dark corners with lamps or by turning on light fixtures. Indoor photos can have a tendency to look dark, and that’s not very welcoming at all! But when it comes to outdoor images, it’s a good idea to get some shots during the sunny daylight hours as well as capturing the welcoming glow of the property at dusk. This is especially great if the home has good outdoor lighting and landscape lighting.

Learn More When You Book with Us—When you book a 360 Virtual Tour with H3 Photography, we’ll send you all the information you need to know to prepare for your tour. We’ll offer staging tips to ensure everything is ready when our photographer shows up.

Why Choose Us

At H3 Photography and Virtual Tours, we’re passionate about capturing properties in their best light. We offer a full range of photography, videography, drone, and virtual tour services. Our 360 Virtual Tours are one of our favorite parts of the job!

With a fast turnaround time, you can be sure that your property is ready to list within a few days! We have the 360 Virtual Tour process down to a science. Each room only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to photograph. Then, we do post-editing to ensure each image looks flawless. In approximately two to three business days, you’ll have a complete, branded virtual tour that’s ready to upload to your website!

What’s Included in Your 360 Virtual Tour

When you work with H3 Photography, your virtual tour will include the following:

  • 20 to 30 still photos, panoramas, and short videos (depending on the size of the property)
  • Branding with your company’s color scheme, logo, and contact information
  • Personalized training for using your tour’s Admin Panel (allowing you to edit, distribute, and view statistics on your virtual tour)
  • A year of free hosting, minor additions/modifications, and customer support

Ready to get started? Check out our process and FAQs here, or get in touch with us right now!

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