The Importance of Virtual Healthcare Tours

The Importance of Virtual Healthcare Tours

Healthcare is constantly evolving in a wide variety of ways. New treatments are improving the quality of life for patients. New research cracks the code on medical mysteries, allowing healthcare providers to cure previously incurable conditions. And, healthcare facilities are working on revamping and improving their physical spaces to create a welcoming and functional environment that benefits providers and patients alike.

It’s undeniable that the quality of care in a healthcare facility is paramount, but there are other aspects that matter. Creating an attractive, well-thought-out, welcoming, and peaceful environment is one way to go above and beyond. Healthcare is an industry with a significant amount of competition, and a standout facility will help you impress patients and gain an edge over competing businesses.

Show Off Your Healthcare Space with a Virtual Tour

Having a beautiful facility can make a big difference when it comes to attracting and retaining patients (if it is a hospital/office) or residents (if it is a live-in healthcare facility). But, how can you show off your space to its best advantage?


Traditional photography is one way to show off your space and gain exposure. Photographs can be used in print advertising, social media posts, online advertisements, your website, and more. This visual medium is a great way to grab attention and create a favorable perception of your healthcare business. Marketing research shows a strong link between high-quality photos and growth of sales. However, photography is less immersive and interactive than other visual marketing options.


Videos can be added to your website or social media pages as an eye-catching and engaging way to show off your facility, amenities, staff, and more. Videos combine audio (music and voiceover) with attractive visuals, so they can be a great way to show the overall feel of a space while educating viewers about your healthcare business. However, videos have their limitations: they aren’t particularly interactive, and they may not answer all of the viewer’s questions. That is why the third option is worth looking into. Virtual tours!

Virtual Tours

In addition to photography and video, there’s another, newer way to give patients an even more comprehensive view of your facility. Virtual tours are a type of 360-degree photography that allows viewers to navigate through the space and see it from every angle. If you have shopped for real estate properties in the last few years, you may already be familiar with this fast-growing technology. Now, it is becoming popular in many fields, including healthcare marketing.

With a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, anyone can easily view your virtual tour from your website, becoming quickly familiar with amenities, accommodations, services, and the layout of your facility. Virtual tours are immersive, interactive, and they showcase your campus inside and out. They can be a crucial part of the decision-making process when people are deciding whether to use your services. They’re often used by admissions personnel, caregivers, and social workers when patients are deciding what facility to patronize for an upcoming treatment or transition.

Types of Businesses that Can Benefit from Healthcare Tours

Virtual tours aren’t just for hospitals, because there are all types of healthcare facilities that need excellent marketing to thrive in today’s competitive industry. Here are a few kinds of healthcare businesses that can reap rewards from a virtual tour:

  • Hospitals
  • Dentist offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted care facilities
  • Doctor’s offices and clinics
  • Physical therapy offices
  • Surgical centers
  • Hospice homes
  • Treatment centers

At H3 Photography, we specialize in virtual tours, photography and video marketing for the healthcare industry. Our easy-to-use, high-quality tours are created with care, designed to show off the charm and character of your facility—including its physical characteristics, its residents, staff members, and more.

We utilize high-quality visual imaging to take stunning photo and video of all aspects of a facility, including its exterior, waiting areas, nurse’s stations, operating rooms, imaging/diagnostic equipment, patient rooms, dining areas, activity areas, therapy equipment, gardens, and any other spaces that you want to show off. You can see some examples of our virtual tours here: SierraRidge Health & Wellness Suites, ManorCare, and Heartland at ProMedica.

How a Healthcare Tour Provides Comfort to Patients

It’s not always possible for a prospective patient to tour a facility in person. Perhaps they are not local or they are otherwise unable to schedule an in-person tour of a hospital, private practice, or nursing home. However, they still want to be confident in their decision. They want to know that their chosen facility is comfortable, welcoming, and able to provide the high level of care that they expect. They won’t feel comfortable in their decision unless they can see the space for themselves.

With virtual tours, they can see every angle of the space virtually. They can tour it at their own pace, become familiar with how it looks, and understand the services you offer. If it is a long-term care facility, a virtual tour reassures future patients that they’ll be living in comfort during their stay. If it is an outpatient facility, hospital, or doctor’s office, a virtual tour helps patients get their bearings and see what to expect when they walk through the door.

The Importance of Virtual Tours

When displayed on your website, virtual tours can allow you to increase your census, impress donors, share your state-of-the-art spaces and amenities, and stand out among a competitive field. Future patients or residents can easily tour your space before they even set foot in it, allowing them to explore their options even if they cannot visit the space in person.

Are you interested in creating a unique and high-quality 360-degree virtual tour for your healthcare business? Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss! We can help you decide if a virtual tour fits with your marketing strategy. Contact H3 Photography today.

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